On The Go – Stretchable Power Bank Pouch, Protects The Battery from Scratching Your Phone, Black and Orange

This stretchable pouch can easily be mounted around your battery charger / power bank, so when you charge your phone and holds this together with the phone, the fabric will prevent that the metal battery scratches your phone. This is designed to fit the best seller “Anker PowerCore 10000” and other power banks of similar size.

FITS: The stretch design suits the most common battery types, such as the ‘Anker PowerCore 10000’ and power banks of similar sizes
NO SCRATCHES: With the pouch around your power bank, it will prevent it from scratching your phone when you hold them together
HANDY: A durable wrist strap and metal connector makes it easy to have your power bank connected to your phone while using it on the go
SECURE: The coloured stretch band is designed to keep the power bank inside the pouch while allowing the charging cable to be connected at the same time
LIGHTWEIGHT: This accessory only weighs about 15 grams

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